Internationally Acclaimed Tanning Specialists

With a rich history spanning 44 years, we proudly present Zimbabwe’s premier Fur Dressing Tannery—the first and only of its kind. Our well-guarded secret is revealed in each meticulously crafted hide that exits our facility, boasting a distinctive soft white glove-like tan achieved through the esteemed Lutan F tanning process.

Characterized by its exceptional water resistance and remarkable softening properties when wet, our tanning process yields unparalleled results. Explore our exquisite collection of flat skin rugs, expertly crafted using a top-notch chrome-based tan. Immerse yourself in the luxury of our high-quality Giraffe, Zebra, and other game hide rugs, setting a new standard for elegance and craftsmanship.

Points to Consider Regarding The Tanning Process

Experience a substantial decrease in shipment weight, ranging from 35% to 70%.

Enjoy a space-saving solution with volume reductions of up to 50% to 100%.

Identify and address any problematic hides before shipping, allowing for timely replacement with sourced alternatives.

Bypass the need for extensive USDA and other countries’ disease control quarantine measures, saving time and hassle.

Save approximately three months in processing time, ensuring a quicker turnaround for your trophies.

Eliminate vulnerability to beetles, unlike hard-salted hides, enhancing the longevity and quality of your trophies.

Benefit from our cost-effective approach, driven by lower running costs without compromising on quality.

Our Dry tan wets back remarkably well, eliminating the need for a wet tan and providing added convenience in the tanning process.


#colletts wildlife artistry internationally recognized tanning specialists If all hides have been 100% properly cured prior to us tanning your hide we will give you a 100% cash back guarantee.

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