What we offer

For avid hunters seeking to commemorate their prized trophies, our taxidermy services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. Our expertise spans from crafting lifelike mounts for Big Game, Birds, and Fish to providing specialized Fur Dressing and Raw Export services for the secure transportation of your trophies.

Our skilled artisans skillfully transform your cherished catches into captivating displays, preserving their natural allure, allowing you to relive your hunting exploits for generations. Whether you’re interested in custom leather products, exquisite exotic furniture, or personalized trophy care services, we are committed to elevating your hunting experience and preserving your trophies with top-tier taxidermy craftsmanship.

South African Services

  • Explore diverse taxidermy and wildlife services in South Africa, including Big Game Taxidermy, Fish Taxidermy, and reliable Raw Export services.
  • Opt for Fur Dressing services for added preservation options.
  • Specialize your space with crafted Custom Leather Products and exquisite Exotic Furniture.
  • Trust our Dedicated Personal Trophy Care Service for impeccable wildlife preservation and trophy showcasing in South Africa.

Zimbabwe Services

  • Explore top-tier taxidermy services in Zimbabwe, featuring expertly crafted Big Game Taxidermy, Birds, and Fish Taxidermy
  • Ensure secure trophy transport with reliable Raw Export services
  • Opt for Fur Dressing to enhance preservation options
  • Discover a variety of offerings: Curios and Crafts, Custom Leather Products, and Exotic Furniture
  • Rely on the Dedicated Personal Trophy Care Service for meticulous wildlife preservation

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