Dipping & Packing

Internationally Acclaimed Dipping & Packing Specialists

Discover the globally acclaimed raw packing service that has delighted taxidermists and clients worldwide.

Elevate your trophy preservation with our top-notch dipping and packing services. Our expert team ensures meticulous bug treatment processes, specialized packing for delicate entries, and inclusive skull protection for a seamless and worry-free experience. Trust us for the finest in taxidermy preservation services.

Our commitment to excellence in this service mirrors the pride we invest in your taxidermy work.

Points to Consider Regarding The Dipping & Packing Process

Delivery timeframe is contingent upon the timely finalization of the contract and full payment.

All hides undergo a meticulous series of bug treatment processes before being carefully packed into custom crates or cartons.

Animals requiring special treatment upon entry into the destination country will be packed into a separate box within the crate, ensuring easy removal.

Skulls are thoroughly cleaned and protected against damage during shipping, with this service included at no extra charge.


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