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An African Heritage Brand Since 2009


Nestled in the rustic charm of a Zimbabwean workshop, our establishment thrives as a premier destination for taxidermy, tanning, and dipping & packing services. Founded by Steve Collett in 2003, we have evolved into a global hub for expertly crafted solutions in these specialties.

Amidst regional challenges such as unemployment, poverty, and limited infrastructure, Steve Collett and his team envisioned the boundless potential of their services. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s rich cultural heritage, they pioneered a path to prosperity rooted in taxidermy excellence and meticulous tanning and dipping & packing processes.

Our journey began with an innovative approach to utilizing materials efficiently, transforming them into bespoke products. These endeavors have resulted in a distinguished array of customized solutions in taxidermy, tanning, and dipping & packing, all reflecting the artistic vision of Steve Collett.

From our Zimbabwean origins, we have gained prominence as a leader in taxidermy and related services. Our commitment to sustainability extends to locally sourced materials, showcasing our dedication to environmental responsibility. Embarking on this transformative journey, our narrative unfolds, embodying the essence of Africa’s diverse heritage and our expertise in taxidermy, tanning, and dipping & packing services.

Busy in the workshop

Meet our team!

With 20 years of dedicated business in Africa, we proudly continue our mission to make a positive impact. Our unwavering commitment to our craft fuels our creative inspiration, driving us to achieve excellence in a league of our own. As masters of our trade, we blend authentic African traditions with contemporary urban and vintage elements, meticulously handcrafting each piece in our studio.

Our remarkable collection of high-quality leatherwork adheres to the highest standards, using ethically sourced A-Grade hides designed to endure for generations. Steve Collett is now embarking on an exciting journey to expand our presence across Africa, Europe, and the United States. Our products are prominently featured in global trade shows, gaining widespread recognition. Our leather goods have earned a prominent position as one of the most sought-after brands in the United States.


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